You want to quit smoking smoking cigarettes? Try e-cigarettes instead!

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One of the main criticism towards vaping community is that they’re still addicted. Well, not according to a new study, focused on the addictive effects of e-cigarettes. The promising results suggest that vaping community are far less likely to become addicted, compared to tobacco cigarettes smokers.

The research was based on an entirely new scale for nicotine dependence, which successfully predicted the difficulties in quitting. Participants were more than 3,600 ex-smoking vaping community, recruited from vaping websites like Their score on the newly-developed scale was fell from 14.5 (when on tobacco cigarettes) to almost 8.0 (as vapers)!

Even more, not only are the vaping community less dependent on e-cigarettes, but they also reported fewer withdrawal symptoms and cravings. As smoker, around 90% of participants reported strong symptoms, associated with withdrawals, and urges, but as vapers, this number has lowered down up to 30%.

The less addictive effects of the e-cigarettes are probably results of the reduced nicotine concentration and delivery of the vaping devices. In fact, the higher nicotine levels of later-generation devices were associated with greater dependence levels, but were still lower than the tobacco cigarette dependence.

Another important factor is the absence of MAIOs. These substances are abundant in the cigarettes, and prevent the removal of dopamine. As a result, they increase the pleasurable effects of smoking and the addictive properties of nicotine. MAIOs are, however, not found in e-cigs, which is another reason for their reduced addictiveness.

However, the study does have certain limitations, such as the way that participants were recruited. All of them were vaping community and could have underestimated their dependence levels due to psychological biases. Researchers believe this is highly unlikely, however, so it’s fairly certain to say that the e-cigs are definitely the better choice, when it comes to smoking.

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You want to quit smoking smoking cigarettes? Try e-cigarettes instead!

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